The Challenge

Our client, a small brewery, was struggling to keep up with multiple systems, and as a result he was falling behind on record keeping and was stressed about maintaining compliance with tax and government filing requirements. We were able to help bring the accounts up to date allowing the owner to focus on brewing great beer and freeing up time to spend on promoting the business and enjoying quality time with his family. As a result he is less stressed, enjoys a better quality of life, and his business is thriving.

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The Solution

Integration with Ekos: Ekos is an enterprise resource planning software that helps track brewery operations. It tracks the flow of materials and inventory according to the brewer’s manufacturing schedule. We helped set up Ekos with brew recipes which are integrated with accounting software. The integration updates the accounting system with material orders and distributor sales, ensuring that the operating system is in sync with the accounting system at all times.

Integration with Toast: Toast is a point of sale system that tracks sales in the brewpub. We import the data from toast into Xero (the accounting software) on a daily basis so that the sales numbers are always up to date.

Payroll: We set up payroll through Gusto which is integrated with Xero..


Payables: We keep track of all the bills, updating the accounting system on a daily basis. Bills are paid weekly when they are due, and all backup documents are filed in the accounting system.

The Result

Our client is less stressed knowing that his accounts are always up to date and compliant with tax rules. Filling excise tax and brewers reports is now a breeze, and he is able to spend more time focusing on brewing great beer. As a result, he is seeing his business thrive with sales up >30% compared the same time last year.

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